The High Cost of a Squandered Opportunity

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For consideration: I am both a pastor and a businessman (I was the only pastor who spoke at the rally to reopen Prince William County). I know well the challenges of both. When the lockdowns and restrictions first came on the scene, it was the church who was in the best position to put the brakes on the tyrannical overreach. But that’s not what happened. Instead, statist pastors led their frightened flock into passive retreat, and thus threw the local businesses under the bus. This whole episode has served as an exposé of the condition of the culture of Christendom. The culture is indeed the report card of the local church. If we, particularly Christians, are going to put the axe to the root of tyranny, we need to stop rewarding retreating, cowardly pastors and their institutions with our hard earned money and precious time. The wicked civil magistrates are not the root of the problem; the limp wristed, truncated, caricature of Christianity is. Remember that when you write your tithe check. Christ is King. Church: act like it.

[A golden opportunity for leadership was laid in the lap of the church. It was a “gimme”. A slam dunk. It was perfectly obvious, yet most churchmen are so worldly minded and so immersed in pietism that they could not see it. So instead it turned into a disaster, the results of which are yet to be seen. What could have been done easily may now come at a great price. Repentance and a resolute determination to do better are in order.] -editor

-Ron Kronz

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Ron Kronz

Reverend Ron is the American overseer of Bishop of Souls. His insightful and dedicated work in men’s discipleship in the USA led to the opening of international doors. He was invited to Africa to challenge men to heed God’s call to service and spiritual battle. Ron has a special anointing from the Lord to preach and to evangelize with great zeal and insight from the Holy Spirit. From there Ron was sought out to lead crusades for the Gospel of Christ in some of the darkest places in Africa. His great love for God, and for God’s people, as well as his compassion for the suffering and lost, is clearly evident. Ron unleashes the Message in a variety of venues, large and small. His passion for God’s work is as great in a small group of a few men, as it is in a large room filled with orphans, or a church service overflowing to the streets. Ron’s willingness to go into the heart of spiritual warfare is a necessary commodity in this ministry. His readiness to stand fast and wield the sword of the Word of God in tumultuous circumstances serves the ministry well. Ron is beloved by the people to whom he ministers. He is honored to be the only American ever ordained by ZUCA (Zambian United Christian Action). In the words of the Africans, “Reverend Ron is one of us.” In the USA, Ron is the radio host and teacher of The Praise Movement Bible Study. Ron engages in the Lord’s work through preaching, men’s discipleship, and speaking for conferences. He has written a book, We Will Not Hide – Biblical Manhood, available for sale at Additionally, he is a world-traveled musician. One of his greatest joys is using his musical gifts to delight young orphans and teach them about God’s personal care for them and their lives. Ron is further called to equip other pastors and ministers in their work. He challenges them to continue the fight. One of his favorite quotes in the Bible is from the lips of Nehemiah: “Why should the work cease?” This is Ron’s challenge to God’s people in every arena, and is a key part of the vision of Bishop of Souls.


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