Abortion and Japan

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“Well, we can pray for the people in Japan,” says a (moderately, perhaps) informed Christian.

“Why pray to God when He’s the one who sent the destruction in the first place?” says a pagan in response.

By now, we’ve all seen the videos. The slow motion destruction of cars, trucks houses, fields, boats, and whole buildings. As we watch, we shake our heads and wonder aloud if chaos is the true natural condition after all.

Why the desperate carnage, the mass subtraction of order by this slug-like mass of pure three dimensional anarchy?

I propose we not even ask.

While we don’t know what the final total of lives lost will be, we do know one thing, and that is that the total number will not surpass the total weekly number of abortions performed in this our nation called America.

“Abortions performed.” Even the way we say it is ridiculous. Abortion is a performance? Is this any way to describe the murder of the innocent? Certainly, any Christian spokesman would be vilified to the point of public retraction if he ever said that the tsunami and aftermath was a “Providential performance.”

But while we’ve grown used to the destruction of those in the womb, we haven’t grown completely used to the destruction of those outside the womb. Wait not true; when we hear of another murder in the big city, it’s no big deal any more. But it’s only a few here and a few there; nothing like the massive scale like we see in Japan.

Here’s real destruction: http://www.silentscream.org/video1.htm. And it’s every bit as slow and painful and brutal and destructive as anything we’ve seen so far from the Japanese coast. And, frankly, it’s a lot harder to watch.

We couldn’t stop the Asian Tsunami; that mass of  slithering disaster was far beyond our control.

The same cannot be said about the torturous process of abortion.

It’s so much like us human beings to ask “why” about things that we cannot influence or control.  But the things we can control, we passively accept.

So let’s forget about asking “why” about those events that we cannot stop. Rather let’s ask “why” about those things which we can.

~ Joel Saint

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