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I have recovered from the shock I experienced while driving recently.

Yes, I’m feeling much better, but can I be blamed for almost choking on my own tongue when I hear an ad extolling the virtues of family dinners from, of all places, Columbia University.

Yes, that Columbia University, the same one that so effectively sunk the good ship Biblical Family. She was rammed through amidships by the renegade vessel Progressive Education,captained by that reflective progressive educrat, big John Dewey himself.

In fact, I’m still shocked. Columbia University promoting family dinners? Well, not to go out on a limb or anything, but I’m guessing that when the progressive education movement started, most families worked and ate together. Not only that, but nearly all families (reach back and use your imagination here) even shared a common last name.

The family dinner campaign is all about preventing drug abuse, which sounds pretty good, till you remember that this is Columbia University. I’m just not so sure that this institution practices what it preaches; no doubt any caring parents would be shocked to blubbering idiocy if their sophomore student were introduced to illegal drugs at Columbia. Say it ain’t so!

It’s always amusing to see that the people that tore down the altars are the same who bemoan the loss of religion. Dewey, Columbia University, and the rest of that pragmatic anti-Christian crowd have burnt down the house. Clearly, they are now qualified to lecture the survivors on interior decorating.

But Isaiah says, “To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” And, sure enough, when I go to the site to learn more about family dinners, I get treated to what is apparently the latest pagan fad idea of a family: Two photos, one of a woman and two younger children, and another of two women and one young child!

It’s true: Without the “law and the testimony” those with no light whatsoever can’t even figure out what a family is. What they do know: No men allowed.

How do we respond? Well, by the above ad copy, Dockers has figured out the answer: Time for men to be men! Time for men to be heroes! Time for men to knock it off with the yogurt raisins and whole-wheat pizza pockets. Yeah!

But both are without the law and the testimony. The Author of the scriptures created roles for men and women. Yes, I said, roles. Without roles, men can’t be men, women can’t be women, and parents can’t be parents.

I do admire Dockers, though; they are at least speaking to the problem of the blurring of the male female roles. Nice ad. However, without the law and the testimony of the scriptures, they’ll wind up in the same spot as the “let’s do family” people. Both ad campaigns will fail to effect change for the better because biblical law standards are out of the question.

So while the folks at Columbia bemoan the proliferation of the drug culture, it appears that that is preferable to an open Bible backed by an articulate defender of Christian morality and conviction.

Anything but…


~ Joel Saint


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