Authority and Anarchy

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Authorities are put in place by God not only to hold men accountable but to reflect that all men are not their own, but are to be submissive to Christ. Wives submit to their husbands as to the Lord. Husbands love their wives as Christ loves His elect.
In the State, we recognize the terrifying hand of God’s Law. We will all be held accountable on the final judgment for our violation of that law; in the meantime on earth, God judges men for violation of His moral Law through the sword of the State. Paul tells us that the State doesn’t wield the sword for nothing; it brings swift punishment upon the evil doer. Death to those who deserve death. Ordering restitution. Protecting God given rights to life and liberty in the Law. The godly state exemplifies the judgmental arm of God.
The Church is structured in the New Testament as a local congregation of the saints. We see requirements put in place in Timothy and Titus for the establishment of Elders and Deacons in places of authority in the Church. These men are in place to guard and shepherd the flock and to bring solid exegetical teaching from the word of God.

In all realms of authority in Church and State there are men and women who abuse the offices God has put into place. There are tyrannical fathers, abusive wives, corrupt judges, horrible pastors (if they can even be called such). In this abuse we do not lose sight of what God has created. We dare not call evil what God has called good. But rather as men and women of God we are to be bold in displacing false teachers and tyrants. Whatever the case may be, we are to establish justice.

Anarchy is ungodly and unbiblical and was the cause of both the fall of Satan and the fall of man. “Did God really say?” “You can have the authority and the knowledge, don’t be oppressed by God.” Be all you can be!” “Don’t stay in the confines of what God has created.”

This is ungodly and heathen in nature. There is not any excuse whatsoever to tear down the systems of authority that God has put in place. There are plenty of times that we will need to purge those in leadership. At the very least we disregard their ungodly commands when they are blatantly teaching and commanding things opposite to the will of God. But we cannot remove ourselves from all authority just because it may seem convenient. Is it too difficult for you to establish godly government? Our forefathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honors. Most of the signers of the Declaration lived in holes in the ground and died on the run because they sought to resist ungodly authority and to establish a godly system of government.

Is it too hard to be a godly father or mother? Is it hard to control the education of your children and walk by them in the day and teach them as you go out and sit down and rise up? Is it too hard? Is it just too hard to have godly elders?

Rise up men of God! Don’t let your pride or your laziness prevent you from doing what God commands! Don’t let the failings of other men be used as an excuse for you to abandon the established structures of God.

-Eli Jones

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