Busting a Deadly Myth

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It’s time to put an end to a popular myth:
“you can’t return to the days of Ozzie and Harriet”.
Says who?

The proponents of this myth are quick to point out that in “the days of Ozzie and Harriet” not everything was squeaky clean like it was in the TV show.  No kidding.  It was a TV show, not an analysis of current societal problems.  As entertainment, it reflected the ideals of society in a way that would provide enjoyment.  That may sound odd in this day when people prefer shows that dwell on and elevate moral failure, but it’s true.
Since when is history controlled by forces that automatically dictate a constant downward moral slide? In fact, our every effort should be toward turning our culture back not just to the mores of the 50’s, but more importantly and accurately to the mores brought to us in the Bible.   The next time someone tells you that “we can’t go back to the days of Ozzie and Harriet”, counter such nonsense with a firm admonition that not only “can” we, but we must, lest our society will become a miserable and deadly existence for future generations.

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Jim Mogel

After decades of always being "the crazy guy in church who worries too much about culture and politics", Jim read a quote from R.J. Rushdoony in The New American magazine during a frustrated involvement in secular politics as an activist with the John Birch society. He followed the trail to the works of Rushdoony. "I was a reconstructionist without realizing it”. An avid reader and a gifted writer, he contributes regularly to the MARS website blog. Jim is an electronics engineer and lives with his wife and son in Berks County, PA.


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