Conference Feedback 2017



We were beyond blessed by God for the success of our 2017 conference. Here are just some of the positive comments we received from attendees.

“Everything about this conference was super easy and well set up”

“Well organized, good directions, excellent website! Speakers were top notch”

“Bringing people together from a variety of settings but who share a common focus on Reformed Reconstructionism”

“Excellent job everyone! Christ was glorified by this conference”

“Great time! Excellent teaching and exhortation”

“[There were] honest and practical points addressed in terms of what is wrong and how it can be changed”

“Absolutely thrilled! Thank you – WELL DONE! I brought two guests with me, now they too are excited about applying God’s Law”

“Teaching and godly fellowship, layout and schedule [were] excellent”

“Wonderfully planned, well-timed, the allotted time for fellowship was extremely well thought out.”

“I am very happy, there was a lot of good interaction with people I only knew from Facebook”

“Strong biblical application from speakers, great time of fellowship”

“Knowledgeable speakers, excellent and friendly vendors, good food, overall friendly people”

“Thank you for scheduling this conference. MARS board [was] so welcoming. Cover[ed] a difficult topic yet the message needs to continue to be addressed. Please schedule again soon.”

“This was my first exposure to reconstruction theology – I learned a lot! I am looking forward to the next conference!”