Exemption or Reformation?

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Exemption or Reformation

One of the contested points regarding the restrictions and shutdowns forced on the citizens through the Covid-19 scam has been whether the measures affecting the church were aimed specifically at the church.  The reasoning is that if the church is subject equally to the restrictions, it’s fair, but if the restrictions are designed to specifically hurt or weaken the church, it’s wicked.

Of course there is no doubt that rulings made specifically to hinder the church are wicked.  But it does not logically follow that rulings are ok if they apply equally.  We see this played out in things like hiring laws, where churches seek to be exempt from having to hire regardless of things like sexual orientation. 

This is wrong in both practice and principle.  In practice, where do we expect the church to end up if we are functioning in a world where we are totally surrounded by institutions and businesses operating on wicked principles?  A fire suit only protects you from fire for a little while; eventually you burn.  In principle, how is the church carrying out the Great Commission, and loving our neighbors, if we say, in effect, “do what you will with them as long as you leave us alone”?  In fact, our enemies often acquiesce, knowing that it will be one more reason that Christians will not oppose the secularization and humanistic takeover of our culture and government.

In the present Covid situation as well as the broader spectrum of things we need to shed the idea of exemption and press for broad reformation.  Instead of seeking to protect ourselves first, we need to seek to protect others, and in so doing our protection will be in the works and forthcoming.

– Jim Mogel

Jim Mogel

After decades of always being "the crazy guy in church who worries too much about culture and politics", Jim read a quote from R.J. Rushdoony in The New American magazine during a frustrated involvement in secular politics as an activist with the John Birch society. He followed the trail to the works of Rushdoony. "I was a reconstructionist without realizing it”. An avid reader and a gifted writer, he contributes regularly to the MARS website blog. Jim is an electronics engineer and lives with his wife and son in Berks County, PA.


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