Five Years! It is hard to believe!

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Five years ago MARS started its first annual Election Day Sermon series in Reading

Pennsylvania. Interestingly, Pastor John Weaver was our first speaker inspiring us

to make this an annual event. This year, five years later, he returned to put some

real fire in our bellies.

Pastor Weaver and his wife Alice blessed us with their southern charm and

graciousness. Simply interacting with these two special servants of our Savior and

King made the evening worthwhile. But then John preached!

John told us about the Black Robed Regiment, Pastors who stood for freedom

and liberty during the war for independence. Pastors, who not only talked the

talk, but walked the walk. Basing his sermon on Hebrews 11:32-38 we heard of

fearless Pastors and congregations who when faced with tyranny and oppression

chose to stand and fight for liberty.

These men were not rebels (rebellion- can only be committed against lawful

authority). The Black Robed Regiment, who were pastors in submission to Biblical

authority, became resisters ( resistance- is an act toward unlawful authority)

These men put their personal lives on the line in order to glorify God and defend

their people against tyranny even unto death.

Pastor Weaver then asked the question that none of us wanted to hear… where

are such Pastors today? In an age which has become far more oppressive, in an

age when enslavement has become our lot, where are the men who will stand for


Will it be said of us “of whom the world was not worthy” Hebrews 11:38

Who is on the Lord’s side?

~ Dr. Robert Salzman

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The board’s youngest member, bringing with him a youthful zeal and valuable contributions. Raised in a homeschool environment by parents with a reconstructionist vision, he claims Christian Reconstruction as the mindset and mission of his faith. In addition to his day job as a UPS driver, he ministers in music at his church and currently hosts a podcast, Brotherhood of the Silver Screen, a critique commentary on the latest movies and cinema trends. Luke resides in Reading, PA.


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