Hopeless: Why Secularists Cannot be Trusted

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It’s past time to quit pretending that those who hate God are capable of doing any good whatsoever except, perhaps, by accident.

The secularists like to speak of “learning”, as if they have some idea of what they are talking about.

They don’t.

As this article makes clear, the University of Idaho was incapable of protecting one of its students from one of its professors. The professor apparently felt wronged by the student with whom he was in a “relationship,” so he shot and killed her and himself.

But the fact that the secularists are unable to separate right from wrong is not my point: My point is that this story has all the elements of the recent Penn State fiasco: Wrongdoing by a school official, prior knowledge that something was wrong, etc.

Christians have been saying for quite a while that pagans are relativists, that, given the choice, they cannot or will not make any distinction between right and wrong. The Christians are right, but that’s only part of the story.

The rest of the story is that the pagans are even more dangerous because, having cut themselves off from God and His Word, they truly are unqualified to judge between right and wrong, but—and here’s the really bad news—that doesn’t stop them: They go on making judgments anyway.

It’s one thing to be incapable of seeing the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, righteousness and wickedness. It’s quite another to go on pretending.

And that’s why the secularists are especially dangerous: They shamelessly tell us not to judge while they judge. Make no mistake, those who know the scriptures are in a position to judge right from wrong, good from evil. But we all remember the self-righteous finger pointing judgmentalism that went on (and is still going on) following the scandal at Penn State.

Of course, the same self appointed prophets of morality have so far been shown to be rather silent regarding the negligence shown by the University of Idaho.

Not surprising. Human beings do understand that there really is such a thing as right and wrong. What they don’t understand is, apart from the scriptures, how thoroughly unqualified they are to make the distinctions.

That’s why, in the court of public opinion in the case of Penn State, the university has pretty much been charged, convicted, and all but sentenced.  But in the case of the University of Idaho we get little more than head shaking and hand wringing.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The secular pagans have no fear of the Lord, and therefore no wisdom. They are more than benignly misinformed. Insofar as they have their hands on the public’s tax money, they are dangerous. They are more than dangerous. They are deadly.

~ Joel Saint

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