Hussein’s, Osama’s, Obama’s, and Whatever

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Osama’s been assassinated/executed again, and that means… what? I say again, because it wasn’t that long ago when Osama BL was supposed to have been killed during the Bush administration by one of those bunker buster bomb things. O, and then Hussein (Saddam, not Barack) was put on trial and executed by patriotic elements in his own country, and that was going to solve a few things.

Are we now safer? The question must be asked, “Safer in what way?” There are still terrorists abroad, and many, including me, are not convinced that many members of our alphabet soup agencies (NSA, CIA, TSA, DHS) are really all that interested in our personal security anyway.

Can we really expect statist bureaucrats to be interested in our security? Some, no doubt are. But the real conflict is not between the US and Afghanistan or Iran, or between Islam and “Our way of life” or between various races or even between “extreme” elements on any side of the political, racial, or philosophical equation.

The real conflict is between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman.

Don’t forget that Christ was murdered by a combination of supposed enemies: The Jewish Nation was supposed to be at odds with their Roman occupiers, and, perhaps, they were at times.

But when it came to killing Christ, they found a way to get along. Think for a second about the statist governmental bureaucracy, the art community, the government school monolith, the sodomite lobby, historic Islam, and ask yourself: What do they all have in common?

Contempt for Christ, His Word, and, I would add, His sheep. We Christians need to wise up on this point.

So:  If we and our neighbors are more secure than they were a week ago, let’s be thankful. But let’s not forget that any philosophy, religion, movement, or nation that is at war with Christ is anything but secure.

Yes, there’s a war going on, and wars create insecurity. But we’re better off with even weak faith in Christ and His Word, than we are with strong faith in anything—or anyone—else.

~ Joel Saint

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