Is the Church Yawning at the Latest Outrages? Homosexual “Marriage” in New York and Lady Gaga

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At least it was the latest outrage a few days ago; now, the list has grown even longer with the knowledge that the US Department of State has pulled strings to assist our national perverse poster child (Lady Gaga) to perform at a “Gay Pride” event in Rome. Yes, our State Department is busying itself with some very important international concerns.

Let us consider the two events: The governor of New York would bring perversion to the heart of the country, while our State Department would bring that same perversion to the heart of the western world. And all while bragging up “rights”, “freedom,” and “equality,” etc, etc.

My, how we have lost the battle for language! The God of the Bible is the author of Freedom; He alone defines it, and perversion and freedom are antithetical concepts, kind of like “wet” and “dry” and “light” and “darkness.”

Consider the first commandment: “I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” The Creator God has just served notice on all humanity: There is no freedom apart from Him, as there was no other god capable of granting freedom to the captive Hebrews.

Got it? No other god could get the job done. Every other god could only increase the bondage, not only to the Egyptian Pharaoh, but also to the god itself.

Lust is never a path to freedom of any kind. Right now, at this moment, millions of men are in bondage to lustful images transmitted straight to their eyes through their personal computers. Many want to quit, but cannot: That’s a component of bondage; the ability to quit would be a feature of freedom.

So, by definition, there is no freedom in bondage. And while the forces of perversion sweep on like a tidal wave or hungry sewer rats it’s time for the Christian Community to take a look back and see what happened.

Where indeed has the church been? The offense of perversion was seen for what it was and is, not that long ago. But something has happened within the last generation or so, as perversion has gone mainstream: As a society, we first ignored the cesspool. Then we laughed at it. Next we tolerated it. And now we play in it.

~ Joel Saint

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