Is This Too Much To Ask?

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How many times in the passing of a year does the average American evangelical attend church and hear some combination of: “Christians need to expect persecution, we are just pilgrims in a strange land, and Jesus will rescue us through the Rapture”?

It is difficult to know where to start, in my attempt to keep this simple and short.  Yes, it is true that there is to be suffering in this world, as we hear every Sunday of our dear Saints that are in pain; and yes, we are but travelers passing through; and yes, we are not of this world.

But – Matt. 28:19 says:   “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, …”   

Should  not the sheep expect to be guided – from our pulpits – by a message that stands our ground at some point and tells them who is in charge of what?  That is what I am looking for: just a small bit of Biblical push-back; just a little of showing that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and every knee will bow (Romans 14:11).  Should we not be hearing something like that coming from our pulpits?

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Randy Toman

A political activist since 1973, Randy was introduced to R.J. Rushdoony’s work soon after he and his wife were saved in 1989. His political approach became radically reformed by reconstructionist teaching and he joined MARS soon after it was launched. He is retired from a career in the construction industry and has stayed close to local politics, holding his local magistrates’ feet to the fire. Known for his “take no prisoners” attitude, he contributes the most seasoned and practical political street smarts to this group. He and his wife, Karen, reside in Boyertown, PA.


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