John Lofton To Visit MARS!

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We are pleased to announce that Mr. John Lofton will be speaking at our July 20th Biblical Worldview Lecture meeting! Many of you know of John from his co-hosting The American View radio program with Michael Peroutka (Yes, the Michael Peroutka that ran for president back in 2004 on the Constitution Party). Lofton was the Communications Director for  that campaign. In addition to being an advisor to the Presidential campaign of Pat Buchanan he also authored a monthly column on the Federal bureaucracy for Howard Phillips’ “Conservative Caucus”.

Lofton gives speeches to just about anyone that will listen. Liberal or Conservative, it doesn’t matter. From Liberty University to the Comedy Channel’s “Daily Show”, Lofton is always ready to share his unwavering faith in God and is never afraid to ask the pointed and difficult questions. Like the time he asked Jesse Jackson why he changed from pro-life to pro-choice (pro-death). Closer to home, Lofton interviewed Pastor Gerry Stoltzfoos who refused to pray when Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Keith McCall would not let him pray “… in the name of Jesus”.

Lofton, a “Recovering Republican” fled from the Republican = Good, Democrat = Bad mindset long ago; so when he makes statements like “Being a Republican is not a disease; it is a choice – a very bad choice, but a choice nonetheless” he is sure to raise some eyebrows!

July’s lecture, “Patriotism, Loyalty & Nationalism” is an interesting topic, indeed – and Lofton is just the guy to deliver it!

We look forward to seeing you on the 20th of July.

~ Toby Grater


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