Man’s Tender Mercies

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Social Justice Warriors and legislators (who seem to be converging into a single class) are always telling others what to do from their self-proclaimed superior moral vantage points.  Always on the lookout for someone abusing someone else, y’know.  Righting wrongs.  Providing justice and protection.  “Yay!”

Because of their omniscience, laws can be written that will properly punish the perpetrators of injustice or wrongful influence and no discretion or deviation from their diktat can be tolerated. 

A recent example questioning that concept has arisen in SJW-riddled Canada.  Dental hygienists there have their licenses suspended for five years if it is found that they have had sexual relations with a patient – no exceptions.  The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario is required to investigate if a report is made, even if anonymously. 

“Well, that doesn’t sound too extreme,” you might think, and I get that there’s a yuk-factor for health personnel taking advantage of their care-giving positions to molest patients.

But how about the case of Alexandru Tanase who has lost his job and his license because he treated his wife?

Really – his wife!

Can we find an adult somewhere up North to take care of this?  Apparently not.  And from the tenor of the article* where I read this, pretty much everyone is happy to throw their hands in the air and walk away from it.

In the meantime, this poor man has no job and no prospects.

Proverbs 12:10 comes to mind:  “… the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” 

Search the Bible for a case law analogous to this and you’ll come up empty.  Then again, we only have 66 books in a single volume to look to. 

Wouldn’t that be nice, if our civil code were to be so limited?


John Bingaman

Began his reconstruction journey several years after becoming saved in his forties. A prolific reader and former CPA, he was first introduced to reconstructionism through study of Gary North’s economic commentaries. He came to the MARS group as a relatively new Christian and caught up to them very quickly in knowledge and spiritual insight. Together, he and Joel Saint hosted Standpoint, a worldview radio program on WBYN, Boyertown, PA. The board is fortunate to have John, general manager of an architectural millwork manufacturer, for his business savvy, quick insight, and biblical knowledge. John lives with his wife, Beth, their daughter, son-in-law, and five grandchildren near Reading, PA.


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