MARS Express Talks

Each session of Express Talks will contain four 18-minute long presentations that are designed to be powerful and to the point. What the listener can expect from a MARS Express Talk is to be challenged and provided with key information that will help them to take dominion for the Kingdom of Christ. We have a wide spread of speakers covering 20 different topics that will leave our attendees more knowledgable and equipped to better their families, businesses and communities.

2020 Express Talk Topics:

Self Government

Self Government: A Pietistic Dream?

Self Government in History: A Puritan Example

Herd or Word: What’s Right, What’s Wrong, Says Who?

Governed by God or Ruled by Tyrants: The Necessity of Self-Government

The Unspeakable Destroyer of Self Government

Family Government

The Homestead: An (Almost) Autonomous Region

Indian Reservations: The Usurpation of Family Government

Destroying Dad: A Look at the Attacks on the Head of the Family

Family Government: Harmony of Purpose

Feminism: Destroyer of the Home

Church Government

Biblical Leadership: Where are the Men?

Pastor, CEO, or Politician?

No Discipline, No Church

The Church: Pillar & Ground of the Truth

Church Music: Warriors or Wimps?

Civil Government

Out-Voting Christ: Voting Our Liberties Away

And the People Had Rest: Lessons from the Hebrew Republic

The Holocaust of Centralization

Christian Political Science: The Basics

Lessons from South Africa: A Practical Case Study

Pierre Viret: The Pastor as Magistrate