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The conclusion in this article by Joel McDurmon is as upsetting as it is true. I quote from it below:

“Thus the pietists who comprise the vast majority of evangelical and conservative Christians keep biblical law out of government, and stifle and condemn those who try. The pietists run interference, and the humanists follow the pietists’ blocking scheme for the easy touchdowns. (Admittedly, this sports analogy assumes there are actually some of these pietist Christians on the field. Most are actually on the sidelines or not even in uniform.)”

McDurmon’s thesis is that the pietists and the humanists are most comfortable bedfellows when it comes to God’s Law and society.
What McDurmon does not say (but I am saying here) is that, when agreeing that the Christians should shut up about society, they also are agreeing about everything else: That is, God’s law only belongs in the church and the family.
It turns out that the pietists and the humanists are not such strange bedfellows after all. The pietists think they can get along with the humanists as long as they don’t bother the humanists as they take over law, government, education, entertainment, medicine, and the media.
Strange bedfellows indeed. But that kick in the rump that the pietists just felt with the Obergefell decision? That was the humanists telling the pietists that they no longer need them. The pietists turned over the pantry to the humanists. The humanists promised to stay in the pantry. They will no longer stay there. They are emerging out of the pantry to eat the pietists (and everyone else) out of house and home.
Of the many messages we have received from Obergefell, that one is most obvious.
~ Joel Saint is the Executive Director of the Mid Atlantic Reformation Society and a pastor at the Independence Reformed Bible Church.
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