More smoke and mirrors from the GOP

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January 26, 2011: Today’s headline on CNN Money reads: “Conservative GOP group wants to cut $2.5 trillion”.  From the article: “On Thursday, the House Republican Study Committee — which includes some of the party’s most conservative members — introduced a bill that the committee said would reduce spending by $2.5 trillion over a decade”.

Wow.  With a 2010 deficit of $1.3 trillion, this committee, which includes “some of the party’s most conservative members”, proposes reductions averaging $250 billion per year.  Simple math tells us that the “most conservative” Republicans, then, think we should run a deficit of $1.05 trillion dollars.

This, of course, is nothing new.  It’s the same dishonest, big-spending socialist policy that has been implemented by the GOP and the Democrats for decades.  That’s why our economy is destroyed.  But these charlatans are happy to just keep going with huge government, as long as their dishonest tricks (like this one) can slide past their incredibly gullible constituents.

It has always worked, and probably still will.  They’ve done it over and over, and many “conservative” voters voted for one or more of them.  And, I’d bet that they will vote for them again, unless it sinks in that God does not endorse “lesser evil” candidates.  “Lesser evils” have brought our nation to financial and moral destruction.  Until we are willing to let these phony “conservatives” lose elections, they will laugh all the way to the bank, and they will be laughing at each one who fell for their deception and voted for them.

Let’s forget about “conservatives”.  Let’s cut our devotion to the GOP, regardless of the scare tactics about the “evil Democrats”.  Look where the GOP has gotten us, and look at where their “most conservative” members propose to take us…perfectly happy, apparently, with an annual deficit of $1.05 thousand billion.  If you think that the Democrats caused this, do a web search for “federal deficit” and take a look at the statistics.  Comments are welcome.

Are you willing, yet, to take a stand?

~ Jim Mogel

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