“National” “Health” “Insurance”

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I’ve placed this in quotes because “National Health Insurance” is actually none of the above.

It will never be national in the sense that every member of the nation will contribute to it. How, for example, will those on unemployment pitch in, not to mention those members of the entitlement class? Since they already live at the taxpayers’ expense, we can safely say that they won’t be lining up to help pay the bills. They are already officially…broke.

As far as the upper strata go, how many of big-time  government officials even pay income taxes? Tim Geitner and Tom Daschle are known tax cheats already, so you can be sure that their ‘contributions’ will definitely not come rolling in.

Further, it won’t be national in the sense that all members of the nation will share in the supposed benefits: Those member of the upper parasite class (politicians, trial lawyers, bureaucrats, and all that gaggle of hangers’ on) will definitely not be in the same waiting line as you and me. Neither congress nor the president participate in the Social Security tax and spend scheme now! Do you really think they are going to climb aboard this socialistic bandwagon?

Be sure of this: When you are standing in that line outside the hospital to receive a voucher for some pill or another, you may be sure that you will not take a look behind and see your congressman or senator. They will be off in some private hospital or doctor’s office getting themselves some real health care.

Nor is it ‘Health’. Ask yourself: How secure is Social “Security”? If the ‘health’ of National Health Insurance even begins to rival the ‘security’ of Social Security, the games up, as Social Security will be insolvent before 2024! Yes, friends, that’s what your civil government calls “security”.

But when it comes to “National Health Insurance”, the fact that jail time is even being talked about for those who don’t join in should tell us all we need to know. When was the last time you were threatened with jail because you made the right health decision for a member of your family?

Clearly, if National Health Insurance was all that, they wouldn’t be threatening jail time for non-compliance. But I suppose that before we write the whole thing off, let’s remember that health care is ‘free’ in jail, so I guess maybe it does make some sense.

Finally, it’s not insurance because the financially insolvent can never insure the strong. Whether it’s home, life, or car insurance, the responsible buyer will always insist that the insurance provider be financially healthy.

Think about it: Those who need insurance necessarily have fewer resources than those whoprovide insurance.

But in this case, it will be the opposite: The hopelessly bankrupt US Government will insure the far more financially viable US population? Nah.

National Health Insurance: Not national, certainly not healthy, and definitely not insurance.

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