Old Fashioned Election Day Sermon a Success!

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The first and much anticipated Old Fashioned Election Day Sermon presented by MARS was held this past Sunday at the Inn At Reading.  How we thank the Lord God for a great day!  It was a time of good fellowship, singing, and preaching.  We enjoyed greeting some 95 attendees, with time for discussion before and after the service.

The highlight was the sermon by Pastor John Weaver, outlining the scriptural origins and underpinnings of civil government, its covenantal nature, and the duties of government and citizens to God, as well as to each other.  Pastor Weaver’s delivery kept our attention as he brought scriptural truths to us one after another.  Watch our downloads section for the audio of the message. We apologize for some problems we had with the recording which we were unaware of at the time. Pastor Weaver’s sermons can also be heard at www.sermonaudio.com/weaver.

We wish to sincerely thank all who had a part in the day through attendance, giving, and the many other ways in which so many had a part.  Thank you, friends!


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