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To hear the gun grabbers, there was no such thing as murder prior to the invention of firearms. Adam Lanza would most likely be a well-adjusted  young man but for the mere existence (apparently) of his mother’s gun collection. Nothing like a gun collection to turn a nice loving young man into a perverse criminal.

That is environmentalism in a nutshell. Honestly, does Adam Lanza have any responsibility for what Adam Lanza did? For all the attacks on God and His sovereignty, it’s downright amazing how the secularists deny free will without God. The thinking, breathing, living Adam Lanza was powerless in the face of an inanimate firearm. He must have had no choice.

I’m not surprised that this incident has fired up the gun control debate again. Both sides will argue. Both sides will attack and defend. In the end, both sides will be even more convinced of the viability of their position.

But I am surprised that so few are willing to even talk about personal responsibility. I have yet to see a single post where a gun control advocate has held Lanza responsible. That’s because gun control advocates don’t believe in personal responsibility. They don’t believe that Adam Lanza was responsible for anything. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kind of like his victims.

Now we are at the heart of modern pagan philosophy: There is no distinction between Lanza and his victims. Both were victims of fate, or karma, or whatever. Both were victims of unfortunate circumstances. In the end, neither Lanza nor his victims had a responsible choice in the matter because personal responsibility does not exist.

But I can’t help but ask: What philosophy were those children being taught? Were they being taught that there is such thing as right and wrong, good and evil, and that the Word of God defines each? Or, had they lived and remained in their school, would they have been taught the opposite? Would they have been taught that “right and wrong” are mere personal choices that can change with wind and time?

The gun grabbers will not answer those questions. They may say that Adam Lanza made “unfortunate” choices that day. They may say that he shouldn’t have had access to firearms. They may say he had a troubled childhood. They may even say that he was every bit as much of a victim as those he murdered.

But they will never say that he was responsible.

~ Joel Saint

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