“Revolution or Reformation” Event

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“Revolution or Reformation” event an encouraging success!

The Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society is grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ for the successful Reformation Day event “Revolution or Reformation”.   Held on October 31st at the Woodcrest Retreat, we were blessed with a strong turnout.  The attendance was our best ever, and by all observations there were a lot of excitement, good fellowship, and engaged minds.  Many thanks to our speakers who did not fail to bring inspiring and useful content. 

Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi brought insightful ideas expounding on the pursuit and nature of truth, and highlighted for us how five historic revolutions affected the world and their long term effects.  Rev. Paul Michael Raymond’s presentation moved from some fundamental biblical civics through historic Christian teaching on law and government, and instruction on how to recognize tyranny.  He then made the bold recommendation to consider changing churches if yours is not addressing the important and necessary issues that threaten our civilization.  Pastor Matt Trewhella was scheduled to close out the day with inspiration and did not disappoint.  The causes and nature of the epic failure of the church in the face of the Covid scam were brought into sharp focus in his fact-filled hard-hitting two part presentation.

We hope that all in attendance were moved to take what they heard into the marketplace of ideas and to put them into action in whatever sphere of influence they find themselves.  Many thanks to each person who attended or participated.  Kevin and Emily Amundson did great work on recording the proceedings, which can be found here.

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