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So I decided to preach this sermon because the churchmen have been demanding a verse or something from the law of God where it says you can disobey the civil authorities if they demand mask wearing. And the verse I give them from the law of God is the ninth commandment – “You shall not bear false witness.”

My assertion is that when you wear a mask you are aiding and abetting a great fiction. You are aiding and abetting a lie. You are giving credence to a lie. You are joining in a lie. This whole covid matter has been built on a mountain of lies.

Exodus 23 verse one (more from God’s law) declares – “You shall not circulate a false report.” You are circulating or spreading a false report when you wear the mask. V.2 says – “You shall not follow a multitude to do evil.” There is nothing BUT evil involved with this masking nonsense. Evil is afoot. And any person with discernment senses it. And when you wear the mask you have joined the multitude doing evil.

– Matt Trewhella

Here is the “audio only” version of thi sermon:

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Defy Tyrants Youtube page:

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Dr. Simone Gold commentary:

Shaming those who don’t wear masks article:

Some Thoughts on Science and Christianity sermon (audio only):


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