The Covenantal Nature of Reality

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What is the basis of good and bad behavior?

How do we know?

Would you like to understand more about God’s covenants?

God’s covenants receive too little recognition and consideration in today’s church, despite their critical importance and key role in understanding our relationship to Him.  Through this month’s lecture you will learn foundational truths about how God communicates His Truth to us and how we respond.

Come out and bring a friend for a great time of dining, fellowship, and learning.  We hope to see you there!

Dinner 6:00

Lecture 7:00

Chef Alan’s American Bistro

6th Ave. & Penn Street West Reading, PA

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Luke Saint

The board’s youngest member, bringing with him a youthful zeal and valuable contributions. Raised in a homeschool environment by parents with a reconstructionist vision, he claims Christian Reconstruction as the mindset and mission of his faith. In addition to his day job as a UPS driver, he ministers in music at his church and currently hosts a podcast, Brotherhood of the Silver Screen, a critique commentary on the latest movies and cinema trends. Luke resides in Reading, PA.


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