The Mid Atlantic Reformation Society (MARS) Names Executive Director

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The Board of Directors of the Mid Atlantic Reformation Society announces that Joel Saint has been named Executive Director of MARS effective July 1, 2011.  Toby Grater, a member of the Board of Directors comments: “I am excited about the concept of MARS creating the position of Executive Director, and I can think of no better person to fill that position than our good friend, Joel Saint.”

Mr. Saint brings a unique combination of gifts and experience which will be of great benefit to the goals and direction of the ministry of MARS, an organization dedicated to the educating and equipping of local churches and lay leaders to live out their Christian worldview in all areas of life.  “I am thrilled to be part of the Mid Atlantic Reformation Society,” says Mr. Saint of his new position. “I am very passionate about the mission of MARS and am privileged to be working with a group of dedicated men who are committed to facing the challenges ahead.”

Mr. Saint, with over ten years experience of sales and team building experience, was formerly a sales executive with Advanced Solar Industries, Martin Limestone, Inc., and Berks Products. He will be responsible for managing program development, finances, fundraising, and promotion of MARS through social networking and public speaking.  Mr. Saint also draws upon his experience in ministry and teaching.  As a graduate of Washington Bible College in Lanham, MD, he was youth pastor at Twin Valley Bible Chapel in Narvon, PA for five years before his secular career.  He has maintained a teaching and discipleship ministry throughout his career, being called upon to use his teaching gifts in many ways.

A vibrant, passionate communicator, Mr. Saint has co-hosted a worldview radio commentary called “Standpoint”, run for local political office, and contributed to a published book, “Explicitly Christian Politics”.  Mr. Saint writes regularly for a blog at the MARS website,  He is a frequent featured speaker for the MARS monthly lecture series in Reading, PA.

Mr. Saint currently resides with his wife, Audrey, and family in Denver, PA.

In addition to its monthly lecture series in Reading, PA, MARS also hosts the Old Fashioned Election Day Sermon each year during the week of the elections in November.  For more information, visit our site   


Luke Saint

The board’s youngest member, bringing with him a youthful zeal and valuable contributions. Raised in a homeschool environment by parents with a reconstructionist vision, he claims Christian Reconstruction as the mindset and mission of his faith. In addition to his day job as a UPS driver, he ministers in music at his church and currently hosts a podcast, Brotherhood of the Silver Screen, a critique commentary on the latest movies and cinema trends. Luke resides in Reading, PA.


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