Wrongful Everything

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By now you’ve probably heard about the Florida trial where a couple was awarded $4.5million in a “wrongful birth” lawsuit.  Their son was born three years ago without legs and only one arm.  They sued the OB-GYN doctor and sonogram technician for not properly reading the tests and warning them of the deformity.  Without that information they did not abort the pregnancy — thus a wrongful birth was perpetrated.

We can get all huffy over the chutzpah of the parents to sue because they weren’t afforded the opportunity to kill the baby while it was still legal…

or the idiocy of the jury to find in their favor…

or the callousness of a judge who would hear such a case….

We can speculate that the real wrongful births were of parents selfish enough to say, “Boy, is this kid a pain in the neck; I sure wish he were dead.”

But where does the anger and frustration get us?  What good does it do to get all steamed up?

Just this.

Doesn’t this story point out how far our society has drifted from a Biblical worldview?

Shouldn’t this cause us to work ever harder to establish the Bible as the motivating force in our society?

It’s this kind of thing that prods us to form and keep pushing at the Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society.

There’s so much more to say, but right now I’m just gritting my teeth.

~ John Bingaman

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