Archives – FOC 2017

In honor of the 500th anniversary of that event and the need for renewed dedication, the conference will feature nationally and internationally known speakers to illuminate the great Reformation principles, with a blend of the academic and practical to equip and inspire attendees to action in the advancement of God’s kingdom and His will on Earth to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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Feedback from 2017 attendees:

“Super easy and well set up”

“Great fellowship and compelling teaching”

“Everything was great”

“Great time! Excellent teaching and exhortation”

“Honest and practical points addressed in terms of what is wrong
and how it can be changed”

“Well organized, excellent website, good directions,
teachers were top notch”

“Strong biblical applications from speakers, great time of fellowship”

“Excellent speakers!”

“Knowledgable speakers, excellent and friendly vendors,
good food, overall friendly people”

“Connection with fellow recinstructionists”

“Solid, structured, and pointed. Great place and price was wonderful.
Great fellowship time allotted, not rushed.”

“Fellowship opportunity and access to speakers, all approachable and willing to spend time with attendees”